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Folashade Aina
Introduction to Business
Professor Yorkshire
September 8, 2021
Global Business Factors
Globalization refers to the way people, goods, and services move and interact freely across the world in an integrated manner. Countries loosen restrictions and laws to allow free movement from one country to another. Globalization also results in the growth of the global economy and a rapid increase in trade between different countries. Also, through globalization, world economies become integrated and interconnected. Globalization allows countries or nations that are good at producing a particular good to export it to countries that are not good at creating that same good (Steger, 2020).
One of the strategies apple company has used to make its products available is maintaining a consistent brand across all cultures. Despite your country, products from the apple company remain the same and have the same features. Also, the visuals in their products are the same regardless of the language you choose. It is important to maintain consistency in branding. Another strategy is that they plan ahead. If they have a new product they are about to bring into the market, the company develops a plan on how it should be brought into the market, its cost, and ways of marketing it. This strategy helps in cutting down the marketing costs, and it ensures the consistency of the product. Apple also creates quality products with so many extra features and sells them at affordable prices. These features make them comfortable and highly secured.
Examples of products from the apple company are iPhones and smartwatches. iPhone is a small computer with all components and facilities, and it is the most popular product from apple inc. People also refer to it as the most innovative phone. Apple smartwatches are phone-like wearable devices. Smartwatches are used to show or tell updates. Apple Inc has a calculated strategy of pricing iPhones. This strategy is used throughout the selling of the product, which makes it a good deal for customers. I phone have superior software. Users invest personal details and money in the available applications, this aid in increasing the loyalty between Apple and iPhone. Another strategy used for sales and products is that marketing and products are kept simple. Apple Inc uses simple, clear, and direct words when selling its products to avoid confusion (Li, 2021).


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