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| July 28, 2016

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You are to assume the role of a second year undergraduate marketing student, seeking a 12-month marketing position during a placement year. A survey conducted by Pepisco ( shows that students with placement experience are two thirds more likely to secure a graduate role. Your essay should include the following:

(a) What and/or who influenced your decision to study for a degree and why? What do you hope to gain from studying for your degree? Ideally what type of industry placement are you seeking and why?


(b) With reference to a job description and personal specification of a placement role that is of interest to you, for instance a junior marketing role, you are to carry out a detailed analysis and summary of the tasks, responsibilities and attributes required for this role. You are able to make assumptions and draw information from a range of sources if you need to, but, the position must be of a suitable level for a placement student. From this information you are then required to deconstruct the requirements of the role in order to effectively identify your current strengths as well as the areas that you perceive require further development in order to enhance your chances of securing the placement. These findings are then to be used to inform the following artefacts: a personal development plan; a skills-based CV with covering letter. These artefacts are to be placed within the appendices of your essay and therefore are not included in the word count.


(c) An action plan that details the activities you will carry out in order to prepare yourself for both identifying and applying for a placement position, and then for the subsequent selection process.


The overall plan should not exceed 2500 words (excluding appendices and references).

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