Business Ethics – Business Management 2216

| June 29, 2015

 Corporate Social Responsibility

Instructions: first read the chapter and reading 5-1.

The article, Re-thinking the Social Responsibility of Business, examines the view of Friedman, John Mackey, and Rogers and provides their responses to one another in a debate over the social responsibility of business. After reading the article watch the following video clips on each of the three men…

John Mackey – Whole Foods

TJ Rodgers – Cypress Semiconductor

Milton Friedman – Economist

Write a 1000 words analysis of the article which:

-       Compare and contrasts the perspectives of each participant

-       Relates each perspective to the models of corporate social responsibility as presented in the book

-       Answers the question—Which participant do you agree with most and why?


Helpful Hints…The purpose of this assignment was to compare/contrast how the three authors view the mission of corporate social responsibility. What ends up happening in every class is that 95% of the students side with one person. I don’t have an issue with this, but it always boils down to them just not liking the other two. Don’t be so quick to judge, there are good and bad arguments to each person. Your job is to dig deeper into what they are saying and the ramifications of their actions. One more side note…don’t tell me that Whole Food is better because they treat their customers well. The point of the Economic Model of CSR is that you make as much profit as you can. For that to happen you have to treat your customers well by developing great products. Great products will generate sales and make your customers happy.

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