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| August 19, 2015

his is not an essay nor a report. I would like the write (348570) to write this as a statement. A reflective statement of 600 words which describes and critically evaluates the arguments presented in the debate on Ethical Leadership. Your argument must culminate in your opinion regarding the debate motion. I expect the writer (348570)to analyse the arguments (for and against) made by the teams on behalf of their characters in the seminar. I am not asking the writer to write an essay purely based upon the character biographies that have been supplied for debate preparation.
Instructions are as follows.
– The writer needs to read the seminar notes on Mike, Jan, Deshi and Mie-Hua.
– Please do not explain each character and what they do. (please note this has only been done within the seminar therefore the lecture is fully aware of the 4 characters).
– The Ethical Leadership Debate (in Seminar 4) create a table and list down the characters and distinguish the four characters by
1. An introduction paragraph explaining if the motion was accepted or defeated and why. (In this case, during the seminar, the motion was defeated).
2. Another paragraph showing who are the stakeholders
3. Identify the stakeholders dilemma
4. Pick one dilemma and apply moral intensity framework
5. Find a solution.
6. conclusion
First I need the writer to insert a table showing a comparison of disagreement between four characters.
Then a paragraph of compare and contrast between all parties by using different approaches like example (Deshi is an egoist etc). Show who is what approach ( Utilitarianism, Deontology, Virtue Ethics). Please make sure this is met.

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