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| May 21, 2015


Assessment 2c: Business Case. Weight (40%)
Due Date: May 2015
Length: 2,500 words

This assignment is designed to operationalise the theoretical material the student has learnt from the teaching modules on vUWS. It aims to give students experience in writing a business case.
Students are required to prepare a business case for a health service of their choice.
Students should have chosen a service they would like to implement by week 2. The service proposed in the business case should be large enough to employ at least approximately ten people, but not so large that there are so many cost and revenue streams that it would be unrealistic to analyse in a single assignment (a whole hospital, for example, is not possible)!
The Module Preparing a Business Case takes you through the items you will need to consider.
In preparing the budget, students should show the build-up of the budget from a zero base including all significant items. For the purposes of this exercise, students should consider both an ‘optimal’ budget for their service and a budget to show how the service may function if the budget were reduced by 10%. Remember budgets include activity as well as financial projections.
You will be assessed on the following:
• Academic writing skills.
• Development of the rationale for the service (where, for whom, in what circumstances).
• Development of the activity and cost budgets.
• Preparing a break even analysis.
NOTE: The assignment is a business case NOT a business plan. Business planning software is NOT applicable.
The Module Preparing a Business Case on the vUWS website.
A draft cost, activity and break even model will be distributed during the semester.



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Business Case: Budget and Break-even Analysis


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