Business and Professional Ethics

| January 24, 2015

1. Do you agree with Leonard Weber that “democracy and the good of society are threatened when some interest groups have much more influence than others”? Discuss this view in relation to the issue of corporate donations and corporate lobbying. Is it morally acceptable for corporations to lobby and make financial donations to governments in order to pursue purely private corporate ends without regard for the public interest? Why/Why not? Provide detailed arguments to support your position.
There are 3 reading that you have to read before answering the question. you need to read them all.
1-*B. Hourigan, ‘Who Pays? Political Donations and Democratic Accountability’, IPA Review, 2006, 58(3), pp. 12-15.
2-*Leonard J. Weber, ‘Citizenship and Democracy: The Ethics of Corporate Lobbying,’ Business Ethics Quarterly, 1996, Vol. 6, 2, pp. 253-259.

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