Business and Law Majors Relationship

| February 23, 2016

Research instructions:-

The research is about what is relationship between Business and Law majors.

The research should answer the following Questions:-
1. Why Business major students are required to take at least one course of law.
2. Why Law major Students are required to take courses of business
3. What is the relationship between them? Where can be implemented in both majors? Is it important and why?
a qualitative research is required for this assignment from at least 10 persons. from Students, entrepreneurs, lawyers and employed people.

with the name of the person and his job experience/ or major. Also the questions are open-ended by an interview.

Paper Format:-
Introduction Should be 3 paragraphs
First paragraph 4 – 12 sentences beginning with a hook, Introduction of our majors which are Business, and Law.

Second paragraph 6 – 12 sentences Rationality, Purpose of this research, how we became interested, why this topic is important, how its related to our majors?

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