Business and Economics Consumer Behavior Discussion Question Research: wikipedia (250 words minimum in total) Topic: Business and Economics Consumer Behav

Business and Economics Consumer Behavior Discussion Question Research: wikipedia (250 words minimum in total)

Topic: Business and Economics Consumer Behavior

Research Proposal: I want to study the current popularity of e-cigarettes, e-

cigarettes have changed the smoking situation. The e-cigarette industry has become a

$5.6 billion industry, it’s disrupting the tobacco market and I think it’s a potential industry

that can change the traditional tobacco mark

1. Use Wikipedia ( to find an article on the research topic you select for this course.

2. Review ( and/or watch the video below. Use these tips to examine and evaluate the Wikipedia article you found on your research topic. (

3. Post your original response: Summarize your finding in a short response (minimum 150 words)to thefollowing questions about the article you found on your topic.

What is the title of the article you found? List the title and also paste in the website address (URl) for thearticle

Does this article it meet Wikipedias criteria in terms of article quality, page edits/discussion as explained in ( and in the Youtube video above.

Can you determine the author?

What types of reference are included (i.e. other websites, books, articles, other)?

Does this wikipedia article have any value for your research topic? Why or why not?

4. Reply to at least one other student: Explore the responses of the other members of your group, select ONE and post a comment on how their results compared with yours

Response from the group: (100 words minimum)

The title of the article I found was “Advertising to Children”. The website was The article was divided into sections and was in Wikipedia style. There were citations, footnotes, and outside links. The article was specific and clearly explained with evidence and references. Yet, the article did not meet Wikipedia’s criteria in terms of article quality. There were templates at the top of the article. It said the tone of the article did not reflect the encyclopedic tone. The style of the article was like a persuasive or argumentative essay. There was a bit of bias and personal feelings to the article. It also did not represent the worldwide view, only in the United States perspective. Hence, it may not be reliable. There were many authors whom contributed to this article. You can click on the revision history to see the authors and observe what time/date and edit they made to the article. It was created on August 17, 2009. The last edit made was on March 15, 2020. The types of references included in the article were journals, websites, books, and other articles. This article can be used for my research topic. It was based on the children in the perspective of the U.S. It did have value for my research because it contained the evidence and statistics needed about how much ads can affect children. There were the effects of ads discussed in the article. I can use these to help start my research paper.

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