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| May 21, 2015



Case study

lnterSol Pty Ltd is a manufacturer and wholesaler of commercial and residential solar panels. To keep in line with its environmental green image, the organisation reviewed its current methods of doing business to see where it could reduce paper usage while remaining compliant with industry regulations and legislation. The review provided the following information about its current management information system (MIS):

All communication between internal and external staff is not recorded in the system. Instead, mail, text messages and emails from portable devices are viewed and actioned through a standard office application (MS Outlook). Most messages are printed and handed to the relevant stakeholders.

Customers can contact lnterSol via its website, where emails are generated to relevant staff. They are usually printed if the feedback or inquiry needs to be actioned .Telephone and personal contact records are not currently kept.

Other relevant information:
– lnterSol employs 25 staff in New South Wales and sells nationally via its website and direct phone calls.
– Renewable Energy Certificates are available from various state governments for the use of solar panels.
– Federal government support has also been pledged (may not have been introduced).

a) Using the information given, what possible modifications may be required to InterSol’s administrative/knowledge management system? Ensure you list the relevant stakeholders and the possible implications for each and the relevance to the organisation’s objectives.

b) Using this simulated scenario, create a shortlist of two or three possible providers of the software/hardware or other system modifications you identify, and write a request for quotation.

c) Create a detailed implementation plan covering:
• Rationale
• Objectives
• Budget
• Contingencies
• Effects of relevant policy/legislation and codes of practice
• Communication plan/training plan
• Proposed schedule

d) Draft a procedural document outlining how the organisation might monitor the new system’s use, security and output. Ensure you include:
• methods of identifying further modifications
• how ongoing training needs will be met
• how induction training will be used to ensure system integrity

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