| July 22, 2016

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Mission 1

Think about where you want to be in 5 years … where would you like to work, what things might interest you, the countries you might like to live, the safety/accident forensics profession you might be pursuing. Make a note of some key words (at least 10) around those topics. Perhaps think about what questions you would want answered about OHS in this future place.

Mission 2

Go to the ‘’ sign up page. You will find a link on the Moodle home page in the Assessment Information block. A link to some instructions for can also be found in that block/

Set up your home page and topic … use a name that is meaningful to where you want to be but include OHS in the title somewhere so we can all search and find for your homepage.

Mission 3

Now use your key words from Mission 1 as the pre-set search terms in scoop it. You will likely have 100 suggestions come up .. start scooping!!!

Continue your journey by scooping any page that fits with your interests and connects with your questions about OHS.

You can visit other scoop it sites and re-scoop any interesting tidbits.

Mission 4

Annotate your scoops by adding your ‘insight’.This means adding words and insights/information as to why you Scooped the thing you did for each of your 10 words. i.e. a picture of a construction site might be annotated with you saying that this is where you see yourself working in the future and why.

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