BUSI 730 Liberty University Thematic Integration of Faith and Learning Paper Hey Prowork, Please review the attached documents for instructions regarding

BUSI 730 Liberty University Thematic Integration of Faith and Learning Paper Hey Prowork,

Please review the attached documents for instructions regarding this assignment. You also have to pay keen attention to the rubric that will guide you. You are to do a full analysis concerning specific chapters in the Cost Management: A Strategic Emphasis – 8TH 19 by: Blocher, Edward and another book, Every Good Endeavor by Timothy and Alsdorf. There are specific chapters according to the assignment from the Blocher’s book that you need to align with faith in the Good Endeavor. You also can use the Bible. You need 10 solid peer reviews less than 10yrs and you have to generate great questions from the books that can help a student for the future. Most of your focused questions should come from the main book by Blocher. Please be reminded to shrewdly read the rubric and instructions.

In order to access the Blocher’s book:

1. go to www.bncvirtual.com/liberty

2. look at the left side for login: type in Smonboe@liberty.edu

3. go to the right side and click access digital content

4. Click on the Blocher’s book and scroll down to locate contents and read through the specific chapters.

5. The other book, Every Good Endeavor is already attached to this email Overview
This module emphasizes the integration of faith with business practices in relation to the
strategic allocation of financial resources. This module focuses on the importance of integrating
faith, and the assimilation of faith as an integral part of strategic allocation decisions.
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

Understand how faith relates to business practices.
Examine strategic allocation of financial resources decisions from a faith perspective.
Integrate faith and business concepts in making strategic allocation decisions.
Textbook Readings
Blocher Text: chs. 2, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 19
Write a thematic integration of faith and learning concept paper using a well-rounded approach to the
concepts found in the course texts and current scholarly literature. This paper must be submitted in
compliance with the instructions found in the Thematic Integration of Faith and Learning Paper Grading
The paper must contain the following components:
1. A 2–3-page overview that defines the course as an academic field of study (significance
of the course to business).
2. A 2–3-page discussion of the top 5–8 questions you believe are critical in order to
demonstrate that a student who completes this course can synthesize the key concepts in
strategic allocation of financial resources and make real-world applications.
3. A 3–4-page discussion that integrates the concepts from the Keller text along with the
Bible and other sources into a cohesive understanding of why strategic allocation of
financial resources is significant for advancing God’s purposes for business on earth.
4. A minimum of 10 scholarly journal references; each reference must be less than 10 years
140 – 0 points
Synthesis of
60 – 0 points
BUSI 730
Thematic Integration of Faith and Learning PaperGrading Rubric
Levels of Achievement
51to 1 points
Student exhibits a
defined and clear
understanding of the
assignment. Thesis is
clearly defined and
well constructed to
help guide the reader
throughout the
assignment. Student
builds upon the thesis
of the assignment with
well-documented and
exceptional supporting
facts, figures, and/or
Establishes a good
comprehension of topic
and in the building of
the thesis. Student
demonstrates an
effective presentation of
thesis, with most
support statements
helping to support the
key focus of assignment.
Student exhibits a basic
understanding of the
intended assignment, but
the thesis is not fully
supported throughout the
assignment. While thesis
helps to guide the
development of the
assignment, the reader
may have some difficulty
in seeing linkages
between thoughts. While
student has included a
few supporting facts and
statements, this has
limited the quality of the
Not present
0 points
Foundation of
40 – 0 points
37 to 35points
34to 1 points
Student demonstrates
proficient command of
the subject matter in
the assignment.
Assignment shows an
impressive level of
depth of student’s
ability to relate course
content to practical
examples and
applications. Student
analysis of details,
facts, and concepts in a
logical sequence.
Student exhibits aboveaverage usage of subject
matter in assignment.
Student provides aboveaverage ability in
relating course content
in examples given.
Details and facts
presented provide an
adequate presentation
of student’s current
level of subject matter
The assignment reveals
that the student has a
general, fundamental
understanding of the
course material. There
are areas of some
concern in the linkages
provided between facts
and supporting
statements. Student
generally explains
concepts, but only meets
the minimum
requirements in this area
0 points
Application of
Student demonstrates a
(Critical Thinking higher level of critical
thinking necessary for
graduate-level work.
40 – 0 points
Student provides a
strategic approach in
presenting examples of
problem solving or
critical thinking, while
drawing logical
conclusions which are
not immediately
obvious. Student
provides wellsupported ideas and
reflection with a
variety of current
and/or world views in
the assignment.
37 to 35points
34 to 1 points
Student exhibits a good
command of criticalthinking skills in the
presentation of material
and supporting
statements. Assignment
demonstrates the
student’s above-average
use of relating concepts
by using a variety of
factors. Overall, student
provides adequate
conclusions, with 2 or
fewer errors.
Student takes a common,
conventional approach in
guiding the reader
through various linkages
and connections
presented in assignment.
Student presents a
limited perspective on
key concepts throughout
assignment. Student
appears to have problems
applying information in a
problem-solving manner.
0 points
60 – 0 points
Organization of
Ideas Format
20 – 0 points
20 to 19 points
Student thoroughly
understands and excels
at explaining all major
points. An original,
unique, and/or
imaginative approach
to overall ideas,
concepts, and findings
is presented. Overall
format of assignment
includes an
introduction (or
abstract), welldeveloped paragraphs,
and conclusion.
Finished assignment
demonstrates student’s
ability to plan and
organize research in a
logical sequence.
18 to 17 points
16 to 1 points
Student explains the
majority of points and
concepts in the
assignment. Student
demonstrates a good
skill level in formatting
and organizing material
in assignment. Student
presents an aboveaverage level of
preparedness, with few
formatting errors
Student applies some
points and concepts
incorrectly. Student uses
a variety of formatting
styles, with some
throughout the paper.
Assignment does not
have a continuous
pattern of logical
Not present
0 points
Writing Skill
20 to 19points
20 – 0 points
Student demonstrates
an excellent command
of grammar, as well as
presents research in a
clear and concise
writing style. Presents
a thorough, extensive
understanding of word
usage. Student excels in
the selection and
development of a wellplanned research
Assignment is errorfree and reflects
student’s ability to
prepare graduate-level
writing for possible
publication in a peerreviewed (refereed)
18 to 17points
Student provides an
effective display of good
writing and grammar.
Assignment reflects
student’s ability to
select appropriate word
usage and presents an
presentation of a given
topic or issue.
Assignment appears to
be well written with no
more than 3 errors.
Student provides a good
final product that covers
the above-minimal
16 to 1 points
Assignment provides a
basic, but borderline,
perspective of student’s
research abilities. Student
has incorporated less
than 3 sources, which
does not attempt to cover
key elements of
0 points
Research Skill
20 to 19points*
20 – 0 points
Student provides
sophisticated synthesis
of complex body of
information in the
preparation of
assignment. Research
provided by student
significantly to the
development of the
overall thesis. Student
incorporates at least 5
quality references in
assignment. Student
incorporates a variety
of research resources
and methodology in the
preparation of
Instructor Comments
Raw Score 200 points
18 to 17points*
Student achieves an
synthesis of research,
but interpretation is
narrow in scope and
description within
assignment. Assignment
contains less than 4
resources, and presents
an average overview of
key concepts.
16 to 1 points*
Assignment provides a
basic, but borderline,
perspective of student’s
research abilities. Student
has incorporated less
than 3 sources, which
does not attempt to cover
key elements of
0 points

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