| July 22, 2015

W6 Assignment “Bureaucracy”


Is the bureaucracy as powerful as the other three branches of our government?

  • Note: a bureaucracy is an administrative system, especially in a government, that divides work into specific categories carried out by special departments of nonelected officials.
  • Write a 2 to 3 page, APA style paper, explaining why you think it is or is not possible for the “Fourth Branch” of our government (the bureaucracy) to be equal with the other three branches.
  • Include the opposing position along with your rebuttal of that opposing position.
  • For example, if you believe that the “Fourth Branch of the US government should be equal to the other three branches (and why), your rebuttal would be to people that do not believe the “Fourth Branch” of the US government should be equal to the other three branches (and why).
  • Include a title page and 3-5 references. Only one of your references may be found online (not Wikipedia). The other references must be found in the Grantham University online library. Please see the rubric below.

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