Bullying in the work place

| March 13, 2014

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Thesis-Driven Essay
(Extended Example)
Bullying in the work place
Project Outcomes and Objectives:
Students will…
construct and revise an arguable and insightful thesis,
explain connections between claims and source material,
construct an engaging introduction,
provide appropriate background/context on the topic,
consider appropriate counterarguments,
construct a conclusion that offers the reader an opportunity for further thought,
employ segues and transitions that move the reader through the paper,
employ the use of the third person point of view,
demonstrate skills gained from the first two projects as it relates to focus and organization, evidence and format, and style, and
cite sources using MLA conventions.
In Project 2, students will be asked to compose a polished essay of 1000-1200 words that asserts an arguable thesis and is supported by research.
After researching, developing an understanding of both critical reading and historical perspectives, and learning to extend personal interests into researchable ideas (and arguable claims), students will combine these skills to write a thesis-driven, research-based essay. This essay should provide background on the topic (context), evidence to support the claim, counterarguments/refutations, and a conclusion that offers the reader something for further thought (a forward-thinking conclusion). This project helps to prepare students for the type of research writing they will be asked to undertake in 1102.
This assignment will be evaluated using the FYC rubric.
Role of Research:
Students should use research as (1) support for their theses and (2) a way of acknowledging and incorporating counterclaims. Students should incorporate 4-6 sources.
Writing Process:
Early Draft
The early draft should be an outline or other organizing draft that includes a preliminary thesis, a list and brief explanation of major points (including counterargument), and a working bibliography.
Important notification : the early draft should be solved in this PDF file
What this means that the early draft should be solved in that outline provided ,
Intermediate Draft
The intermediate draft should be a working draft that includes the thesis, all major points, evidence to support these points (including in-text citations), counterclaims, and a works cited page. This draft should be 800-1000 words.
Final Draft
The final draft should be a 1000-1200-word polished essay in which students articulate an assertion about their topic with which a reasonable person could disagree and address counterclaims. Students should ensure that their claim is fully supported with paraphrased, quoted, and summarized material drawn from appropriate credible sources cited using MLA.
Important information :
The assignment evaluation is based the
– FYC Rubric.pdf
Please make sure that the early, intermediate and final draft meet the rubric requirements specifically.
– The 4-6 sources should be taken from my previous order ( 1004686 ).
– There should be at least two counter- arguments.
– The early draft should be solved in this PDF file, and not in an essay formal please. In this outline file specifically.
– please provide the proper MLA citation in each source, and avoid any citing errors.
– Please list the work cited in each draft. The intermediate and the final draft.
– The sources that will be used in project 2, should be the same sources that have used in project one ( my previous order) .
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