Bullying among high school students

| May 20, 2015

Select a mental health promotion issue that is amenable to change. Identify a specific target group.

Project Outline
1. Introduction (approximately 150 words) Briefly outline your chosen issue, target group and interventions that will be discussed in the report.

2. Rationale (approximately 700 words) The rationale should include a summary of the issue, your target group and your rationale for addressing the issue. This should be supported with appropriate references. Your argument should be clear and concise.

3. Critical assessment of interventions (approximately 700 words)
Select two mental health promotion interventions relevant to the issue and target group you have selected. Briefly describe the interventions and provide a critical assessment of each. Consider issues such as the suitability of the intervention for the target group, the setting, numbers of people who participated in the intervention, use of theoretical models in the development of the intervention, evaluation and generalisability (can the intervention be used elsewhere).

4. Recommendations (approximately 300 words)
Considering your readings about the issue, target group and interventions make three to four recommendations for future interventions relevant to the issue and target group.
5. Conclusion (approximately 150 words)
Briefly summarise the key points made in your paper. Remember no new information should be added in your conclusion.
6. References APA Referencing guide (the Reference links need to be included).

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