Building a Global Presence through Non-Equity Strategic Alliances

| July 7, 2016

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Analyze the topics in chapters 5 and 6 in the book: Investment Philosophies: Successful Strategies and the Investors Who Made Them Work, 2nd Edition Aswath Damodaran. Give opinions and real life examples of applications of the topics. Read the two chapters, find a secondary reference source, and follow the below article analysis outline. The article review layout is simple. It should consist of the following three headings: 1. Overview/Summary 2. Opinion/Analysis 3. Relevance to Financial Management. I’ll be looking for an executive style overview/summary, with the majority of your article review content in the Opinion/Analysis and Relevance to Development Strategies sections. The Overview/Summary section should include a statement of the author’s hypothesis or proposition. This section should be the briefest. The Opinion/Analysis section should demonstrate your critical thinking and analysis of the subject matter. The Relevance to Development Strategies section should offer an insight-building summary, recommendations, findings and conclusions.

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