Building a Case Conceptualization: Gathering Data

| August 19, 2015

Please read all the attached materials regarding Mark’s case, analyze what you have, and write a case conceptualization. The paper should have three sections as follows:
1) Background: Provide a clear and concise background of the case, showing a holistic view of the client.
2)Problem Identification: Provide an analysis of the main issues in the case. Clearly connect how issues and needs presented by the client are affecting his emotions and behaviors.
3)Case Summary: Present a concise conceptualization of what the needs are and a rationale as to why they should be the focus of your recommendations. Keep in mind that this section is what you will present to the collaborative team, so you want to make sure that you are presenting a clear snapshot of the person and the areas that need to be identified. If more than one need or issue is present, make sure to rank these needs and support why one needs to be addressed over another. The goal is not to make recommendations, but rather to provide a solid starting point for the collaborative team to begin thinking about recommendations.
Please only use scholarly articles, journals, and books.

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