Budgeting and Forecasting of Medicines

| July 16, 2015

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Project Format
1 Title Page (on page 1)
2 Abstract � 200-300 words (on page 2)
3 Table of Contents with page numbers (on page 3)
4 Introduction should contain Topic statement & Objective
5 Background / Literature Review (about the topic)
6 Methodology / Approach (research design, procedures)
7 Results
8 Discussion (of the results)
9 Conclusion / Summary (with Recommendations)
10 Appendix / Tables / Stats
11 Resources / References / Bibliography
1 Font: Arial / Times new roman
2 Size: 12 pt
3 Margin: On all sides 1 inch except on Left side 1 � inch.
4 Alignment : Flush left
5 Spacing: One and half line
6 20 pages max
7 Number of copies: 2 (one for submission)
8 Number each page as a Footer
9 Cover page: Topic/Author/Course/Semester/Date-Year/Organization on Cover page
10 Preferred Reference Style for one author (more than 3 use first name with et al):
Pechenik, J.A. (1987) A short guide to biology. Harper Collins Publishers, New York, 194pp
11 Within the body of the document use Ref. number only as Superscript (small font) or in brackets.
12 Note for Title Page
Title, Author, Statement below Authors name (by Author Name):
as partial fulfilment of the requirements for
the Master of Pharmacy Degree
Clinical Pharmacy



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How and why genetic recombination represents a significant contribution / advancement to the field of Medical Biotechnology.
Reflective Report on learning experience through Work-Based Advanced Skills and Innovative Practice (WBASIP)


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