Britain 1918-1939 & The Great Depression Dissertation Topics

| January 24, 2015

Between the two World Wars, Britain was faced with numerable problems that various governments sought to resolve for the good of society as a whole. But whilst successive governments were criticised, some significant advancements were made. The Great Depression is a period of British history that is perhaps overlooked more than it should be. Research in this area would make for very interesting reading for your history dissertation.

  • What were the main problems facing Lloyd George’s government in the immediate aftermath of war and how successfully were these resolved?
  • How and why did the Labour government fall in this country in 1924?
  • Why were the effects of ‘The Great Depression’ so bad in Britain?
  • How did the way that the country was being run by the government in this period only serve to exacerbate the effects of ‘The Great Depression’?
  • What polices did the government introduce in an effort to resolve the ‘The Great Depression’ and did they achieve anything to limit its effects?
  • What were the main problems faced by the government in this period and were they ever effectively resolved?
  • What factors outside of Europe caused ‘The Great Depression? What was the most influential factor? Was it the economic breakdown in the US?
  • Why did the world economy ‘boom’ and ‘bust’ so quickly?
  • When the Second World War started was Britain ready for war?
  • What was Britain’s greatest achievement in this period and its biggest failing?

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