Briefly describe Young Life

| June 24, 2015
  • Briefly describe Young Life. ( the nonprofit organization you are using for your Final Project)
  • Describe two foundations that you identified as appropriate prospective donors and two foundations you identified as inappropriate prospective donors for the organization you selected, and explain why each would or would not be an appropriate prospective donor. Be sure to explain how you arrived at your decisions.
  • Explain at least two conclusions you drew or insights you gained about prospect research in general as a result of completing this assignment.

The assignment (2–3 pages):
Learning Resources


  • Course Text: Fundraising Basics: A Complete Guide
    • Chapter 8, “Prospect Research,” including Appendices
  • Article: Tsiotsou, R. (2007). An empirically based typology of intercollegiate athletic donors: High and low motivation scenarios. Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing, 15(2), 79–92.

    Use the Business Source Premier database, and search using the article’s title.

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Literature Review on Internal and External recruitment
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