Briefly describe how FARC and ELN originated and how they operate

| February 10, 2014

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Pick any three of the five questions. Each answer must be double spaced in APA format and be 250 words in length using Arial 11 or Times New Roman 12 point font. One inch margins all the way around. Sources including the text must be cited. (Textbook is Terrorism and Homeland Security Chap. 9-11).
1. Summarize the first Intifada as it relates to the recent history of Palestine and the modern nation of Israel. Discuss the tactics employed against Israel and Israeli counterterrorism strategies then and now.
2.Define the primary sources or causes of Middle Eastern terror and the inability to reach a mutually acceptable peace accord.
3. Discuss the origins and growth of Uruguay?s Tupamaros. How they were structured and what was their urban philosophy?
4. Briefly describe how FARC and ELN originated and how they operate.
5. What is revolutionary terrorism? How does it differ from other types of terrorism?
Read the CJ Writing Rubric to understand expectations for this assignment. Keep the following points in mind:
Demonstrating a clear understanding of the precepts surrounding Israeli and Palestinian issues, preventing the achievement of a peace accord.
Explaining the historical origins and evolution of various terrorist groups in both Israel and Palestine in a well-reasoned manner, supported by the subject matter in the readings.
Define revolutionary ad counter revolutionary terrorism.
Demonstrate an understanding of the emergence and status of terrorist groups in Latin America.
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Drawing on your own analysis of a CASE STUDY, explain the meaning of security in contemporary global politics.
Discuss the origins and growth of Uruguay?s Tupamaros


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