Bridgewater State University Oklahoma Play Discussion You can choose from The National Theatre’s “Oklahoma!” staring Hugh Jackman!: Oklahoma! (1999): htt

Bridgewater State University Oklahoma Play Discussion You can choose from The National Theatre’s “Oklahoma!” staring Hugh Jackman!:

Oklahoma! (1999):

Or “Hamilton”

You may also choose something yourself with my approval – but it must be a recording of a LIVE piece of theatre – For instance “Newsies: The Broadway Musical” available for rent on amazon would work, but the 1992 Film “Newsies” would not.

Critical Response Guidelines

1500 words – PLEASE avoid retelling the plot or just stating what you saw I want to hear your opinion, BUT it is not enough to tell me you liked or disliked something you must tell me WHY.


Don’t be afraid to be honest!

Write your critique in paragraph form, you do not have to write about the topics in the order they are listed below.

Producing Group Title of Play (in italics) Playwright (include name of playwright)

Opening statement to get the readers attention & a brief summary of the plays key events (1-2 sentences only!)

– Acting considerations: Name both the actor and the role played. Use only the actor’s last name when making additional comments about a specific actor.

Physicality (did anyone change the way they moved to better portray their character?)

Gestural acting, body language

Objectives (what each character wants) tactics (how they go about getting it), were they clear?

Vocal performance / singing: Could you hear and understand the actors.

– Directing considerations: Name the director.

Blocking (When and where people are moving on stage – is it natural? Does it make sense?).

Stage picture (Balanced? appealing? Does it help to further the action).

Focus (Where is your eye drawn to in any given scene, does it make sense to the action).

Casting (traditional? Non traditional? Characters well cast?)

Rhythm and pacing

Can you identify metaphors?

Choreography: Was it congruent with character? Did it further the action?

-Design Considerations: Name the designers when commenting on their work.

Staging/ set (the theatrical space/ orientation)

Does the set serve the production?

Costumes, do they serve the production?



Was there a congruity between design elements?

Props (Anything that is handled by an actor on stage).

-Stylistic Considerations:

Was it, realism, surrealism, presentational (i.e. actors acknowledge the audience), representational (the actors ignored the audience), etc?


Was a point made?

How did the piece leave you feeling?

Were you emotionally or analytically connected?

Was the piece didactic or purely cathartic?

As with all critical commentary, it is important to give SPECIFIC EXAMPLES to support your opinion! If you liked the costume design, describe a few costumes which stood out to you. Describe the set in detail, if you thought it worked well for the play. WHY did it work well? What specific characters/actors stood out to you, if you thought the acting in the play was excellent? WHY did these characters stand out? Cite a specific acting moment (or two) that you thought was especially well executed. (Don’t forget to include the names of the actors who played the roles) If you lost interest in the play at any time, state WHY. The more examples you give, the better your review.

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