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| March 22, 2015

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• Choose a brand – tangible or intangible?
• Think about the attributes of the brand – is it a retail brand, super brand, service-based brand, place/nation brand – what are the dominant traits?
• Select two issues you want to discuss with relevance to the brand – i.e. ethical consumption, brand loyalty, brand love, relationship marketing, CSR, social media, CRM, brand awareness, global branding, brand community, corporate branding, relationship marketing.
• Discuss relevant literature on the issues related to the brand of choice – you can use additional literature beyond the reading list to demonstrate both depth and breadth of understanding.
• Construct a case study of the brand – from multiple sources not from one reading along. Your ability to construct an in-depth case study is very important.
Note : preference brand Emirates Airline, Nestles, Apple Inc, Toyota
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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