Bram Stoker’s Novel, Dracula

| March 22, 2015

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


  • Revise introduction (as needed) so it effectively gains the reader’s interest, establishes a credible voice or authorial persona, and forecasts the direction and organization of the explanatory paper
    § Revise thesis statement (as needed) to make it stronger and for greater clarity
    § Revise summaries (as needed) for clarity, completeness, and correctness
    § Revise critical analysis (as needed) to specifically identify and support claims about the author’s intention
    § Revise organization and transitions (as needed) for a more logical flow
    § Revise (as needed) the integration of source materials into the text with phrasing and punctuation so that the flow in and out of sources is coherent
    § Identify and correct major mechanical errors
    § Revise conclusion (as needed) so it brings the reader to a current, balanced and satisfactory stopping place

    You will continue with literary analysis in this essay. In this essay, you will find a narrow focus and will write about your chosen angle. The freewriting  and brainstorming questions about should have helped you to find a narrow angle that is of interest to you. In this essay, you will present the reader with an argument that pertains to that narrow angle and will use your own reasoning and evidence from the text to prove your claim (your thesis) to the reader.

    A clear and unified essay for a reader who has not read the original sources
    1. A clear and unified thesis statement
    2. A clearly formulated argument
    3. Insightfully chosen evidence (in the form of quotations from the text) to support the claims you have made
    4. A clear organizational pattern in which you have compared and contrasted two texts
    5. A focus on the significance of the character’s identity rather than re-hashing of the plot. Focus on the meaning of the character’s identity—why does the playwright make the character develop or change in the manner in which he does? What is the significance of the causes that allows the characters to develop or change? What is significant about the manner in which the character’s identity develops or/and changes?
    6. A mechanical error free essay (Proofread!)


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