| April 6, 2014

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For the purposes of this worksheet you will need to undertake some independent research. Use your research to respond fully to the following questions/issues: 1. There is a strong argument that knowledge of the biographical circumstances of an artist?s life can help us understand the creative works they produce. Considering that issue, what were some of the biographical issues that might help us understand Brahms “composing of The Requiem
? 2. Compare the experience of listening to Brahms?
Requiem to other musical performances you have seen this semester. To what extent is the Ellen Eccles a fitting venue for a performance of this kind? 3. Is there any credence in the argument that classical music is more serious and profound than other types of music (such as pop, rock, or rap)? If so, what is it about classical music that means it is able to express more profound feelings, ideas, and emotions? 4. What is Brahms Requiem about? What are the significant themes and how are they expressed through the different movements?
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