BOS 4201 Toxicology Unit Vii Power Point Assignment Product Labeling For Public Safety

| September 27, 2016

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BOS 4201 Toxicology Unit Vii PowerPoint Assignment Product Labeling For Public Safety
Create an eight- to ten slide presentation about the uses and limitations of product labeling for public safety. You can use the information from your textbook, as well as information from other reliable sources (Note that unmonitored websites, such as Wikipedia, are not acceptable.). Access the CSU Online Library for the additional resources. Be creative and add photos, images or other supplemental graphics to support your presentation. Ensure you that you use images from the public domain or creative commons. Be sure to cite any sources used in a reference slide, using proper APA formatting. You may also use the slide notes function to explain slide contents as necessary. The following are ideas for topics you may want to address:
• the purpose of product labeling, • product labeling requirements, • limitations of product labels, • pesticide product labeling, and • federal food and drug requirements for lab
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Capital Budgeting and Risk Analysis
Use an example of any drug or chemical, discuss how the route of exposure can affect the toxicity

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