book review, related to my study > ( human resource )

| June 19, 2015

Topic: book review, related to my study > ( human resource )

please read this carefully and follow :
Select a non-fiction book that you’ve read recently and write a brief (up to 1000 words) review. Your choice of book should preferably relate to your university study. ( My Study is Human Resource )
Your review needs to include:
· The name and background information about the author
· Discussion of the main theme of the book. This may include a concise summary of the content, a description of the topics and/or the perspective, argument or purpose of the book.
· Critical assessment of the content. This involves reactions to the book, analysis of noteworthy content, how useful effective or persuasive the content is, and how it improved your understanding of the topics or issues in the book.
· Recommendations (or otherwise) to others to read it? Would the intended audience appreciate the book?
Your review needs to make an argument. It should be a commentary, not merely a summary. You can agree or disagree with the author and comment about the knowledge, judgments, or organization of the book. Clearly state your opinion of the book.
The structure of your Book Review should be similar to academic essay writing, with an introductory statement, supporting body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
The Book Review must contain no less than four formally referenced sources of support documentation using the Harvard referencing system. A wide variety of sources should be used including at least two academic journal articles.
Two direct quotations may be used – maximum of 30 words per quotation.
First person writing is not to be used.

please send me the name of the book as soon as possible.

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