Book Review Proposal, “Governing Financial Globalization: International Political Economy and Multi-level Governance”, by Andrew B., David H., and Richard W. (2005)

| May 21, 2014

‘Governing Financial Globalization: International Political Economy and Multi-level Governance’ is a book written by Andrew Baker, David Hudson, and Richard Woodward. However, the works of various contributors including Philip G. Cerny, Emiliano Grossman, Paul Langley, Susanne Soederberg, and Ben Thirkell-White have made this volume a success. Routledge published this book, which contains 258 pages in the year 2005.

Inclusive within the books’ contents are a list of illustrations, a list of contributors, foreword, acknowledgements, part I, part II, part III, bibliography, and index. The illustrations encompass a list of figures featuring how governments govern, old and innovative forms of conditionality negotiations, the control of securities industry following the ‘Big Bang’, and multi-level governance within London.

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