Book Review on Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

| April 22, 2014

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Read the book by Malcolm Gladwell. Then write a 4 page paragraph about the book addressing these main points below in detail. Cite only the book for references. Please let me know if you have trouble accessing the book through your system. Write a concise, yet reflective review of “Outliers”. Make it short, but comprehensive. Make it witty, yet serious. Quote from the book. Quote from other reviewers of the book. Make it an entertaining review that strangers would enjoy reading.
I. Intro the book – give an overall idea of the topic and who wrote the book and what other things he/she may have written. (1-3 paragraphs)?
II. Organize the book – how is the book divided into chapters, themes, sections, etc. And what are those sections about. (2 paragraphs)?
III. Present the book’s themes – what are the 3-5 main points of the book? (3-5 paragraphs)
IV. ?Critique the book’s format – is the book easy for the average college educated or lay person to read? Does the book leave out discussions of important subjects not covered? Is the book already out of date (and in this world, a 2008 book could well be too old). (2-3 paragraphs)?
V. Critique the book’s themes – are the main arguments of the book relevant to today’s world? Are there better books or other media that better explain the topic? (2-3 paragraphs)
VI. ?Personally address the book – tell how the book affected you and your view of the topic. (1 paragraph)
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