Book review Bourdieu Distinction

| May 19, 2015

I need an book review written on the book “Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgment of Taste
” by Pierre Bourdieu (1984). I need “Blau, Peter (1977) A Macrosociological Theory of Social Structure . American Journal of Sociology , 83, 26 – 54. Blumer , Herbert (1966) Sociological Implications of the Thought of George Herbert Mead . The American Journal of Sociology . 71, 535 – 544. Blumer, Herbert (1969) “Fashion: From Class Differentiation to Collective Selection”. Sociological Quarterly , 10, 275 – 291. We have failed to create a link for this text, but Boudon, R. (2003) Beyond Rational Choice Theory . “Beyond Rational Choice Theory”. Annual Review of Sociology , 29, 1 – 21., Sorensen, Aage B. 2000. “Toward a Sounder Basis for Class Analysis.” American J ournal of Sociology 105:1523 – 1558. [ ] Swidler, Ann (1986) Culture in Action: Symbols and Strategies . American Sociological Review , 51, 273 – 286. Weeden , Kim A. 2002. “Why Do Some Occupations Pay More Than Others? Social Closure and Earnings Inequality in the United States.” The American Journal of Sociology 108:55 – 101. [ e/10.1086/344121 ] NB! Flick – through empirical part. you can find it in the university library (electronic Journal) and if you seek it in Google Scholars. Zerubavel, Eviatar (1996) Lumping and Splitting: Notes on Social Classification . Sociological Forum , 1 1, 421 – 433. ” to be used as references in the discussion of the book. I need a clear and understandable language used in the text. It should be clear that the person who wrote the review / discussion of the book understand the book’s content and references and not only used the thesaurus to include an advanced language

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