Book report: Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

| February 17, 2014

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The book name: Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi write about the last half of the book. Select one of the topics below for your paper: #1: What lessons did Marjie, and we ourselves, learn from her marriage and divorce? You may choose to explore public perceptions of Marjie, her own self-image through the relationship, and the difference between how she thought of the marriage at the time — and how she thinks of it now, looking back. You also may choose to bring personal experiences, either your own or your friends and family, to bear on the topic. #2: Marjie claims to love her country, and yet she left it. Explore this apparent contradiction and try to explain it. Is her love of Iran just an act? If not, if she is sincere, then what was it that eventually made leaving more important than staying? You may wish to extrapolate Marjie’s attitudes towards Iran to a more general statement on patriotism: Does loving your country mean supporting your country in every decision, right or wrong? #3: Closely examine and discuss Marjie’s relationship with her grandmother. What is special or unique about this relationship? Remember to look throughout the book, and be careful to note how this relationship might change as Marjie grows older. Her grandmother’s experiences before Marjie was born, when her husband was put into prison, may seem relevant. You might also find it useful to compare this relationship with your own experiences, with your family or the family of your friends. #4: Compare Marjie’s experiences growing up, leaving home, going to school and getting married with your own experiences, or those of another character from fiction or from life. How does she compare? Are her actions understandable? How does Marjie’s environment (Iran and Austria and Iran again) make her experience different than the comparable figure you have chosen? In what ways is she the same? #5: The animated film of Persepolis is significantly different than the book. Without going into excessive detail over the many small differences, do you think the film says something different than the book? Perhaps its emphasis is different, stressing certain elements while neglecting others? You may decide both book and film have fundamentally the same message; if so, what is that message, and how do they make it? It is important, if you choose to write on this topic, to avoid writing a review of the film; instead, concentrate on analysis of the film and its relationship with the source material.
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Book report: Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
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