BMW Case Study

| February 26, 2014

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be sure to sure the case study directions.
We talked about doing some basic research on BMW over the weekend. We are looking for some info on how they are doing…
-org structure Brynja
-core competencies AJ, Paul
-product market/performance Sean
-financial performance Naji (10years)
Make a folder with your resources in the files. Keep running summary of your work that will feed the paper.
Be sure have at least 3 sources for your topic.
Next due date for the turn in was 6 March. We providing.
Research and writing
Core competencies
The markets they serve
U ONLEY NEED TO DO THE financial performance for 10 years . forget about the other parts please only do the last part . the company is BMW , if u could upload some tables and sheets from the internet that would be great . thanx
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