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| November 15, 2015

Blog — You will have to review journal articles for four of your blog entries. The attached file contains instructions for writing a journal review. It is imperative that you read these instructions to understand what is expected of you. A journal review is not a summary, but rather requires interpretation and analysis. — You will also need articles to review. I have attached a list of 15 articles and books with chapters that are relevant to the course and available through the Algonquin College Library for you to choose from. — Pls don’t forget to add below the article, Categories and Tags. For example: Categories: Sport, World, Business Tags: Soccer, Me, Self_Intrduction — Content and Format: Keep your audience in mind (professor, classmates, potential employers) Write 250 – 750 words Think 5 W’s of Journalism: who, what, why, when & where Include a photo or image Add relevant links, tags, and categories If you have trouble formatting your blog in Blackboard, attach an MS Word file — Style and Mechanics: Write conversationally (no TEXTING lingo) – Grab their attention and ask questions – PROOFREAD your work! — Sources: Credit your sources, including images, using APA style citations and references.

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