Black lives matter performance goals

| July 7, 2016

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The organizational performance goal is derived from the mission statement. However, it is specific and measurable, and something that could be achieved in a year or even several years. State the organizations BLACK LIVES MATTER performance goal including WHAT the organization will achieve by WHEN and what the STANDARD for success achievement is. (Example: By May 2018, UCLA will graduate 100% of its freshman class in four years.) Make sure your organizational performance goal is directly related to your organizational problem. For example, if the performance problem is student performance, your organizational performance goal should be about student performance. The timeframe for the organizational goal is based on your dissertation timeline. Have the organizational goal timeframe be about a year out from your finalized dissertation defense. Describe how this goal was established. Who set the goal? How was the standard determined or benchmarked? What measures are used to track progress toward the goal? See the dissertation template to understand where this information fits in with the construction of the dissertation.

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