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| September 24, 2015

2. Explain the major change that happened in the book, making sure you include what caused the change and what was the effect of the change. In other words, how are things different at the end of the novel than they were at the beginning? (20 points) 3. Identify and explain the central conflict (man v. ______) of the novel. Make sure you explain how the conflict was resolved. (20 points) 4. Make a brief character sketch of the protagonist. Since you are limited to one page, highlight only the main aspects of physical description, background, personality and motivation. Don’t worry about classification of character. (25 points) 5. Cite two memorable passages from the book, copying them word for word. Explain (in more than one sentence) why you think these passages are worth remembering and how they might apply to the modern day reader. (20 points) 6. Discuss the most important idea (theme) contained in the novel. Tell how the author has brought out this idea. Be specific in giving examples. This needs more than one paragraph. (25) 7. Relate the book to today’s world. Be concrete and avoid generalities. In other words, why should someone today care about this book? (20 points)

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To Be or Not To Be” Soliloquy
Black like me


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