Bipolar Depression

| July 19, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

A brief history of the subject, including nuclear and extended family and the influence of these relationships; social, academic, medical, and behavioral history. Anything that might be relevant to his/her disorder.

2.When the disorder began in his/her life. What was going on in his/her life at that time?

3.What are/were the symptoms? Be specific (dont just say, he was depressed). List the symptoms in detail, including their severity and consistency.

4.How did the symptoms affect the subjects life? What effects developed daily: in work, relationships, school, daily functioning?

5.What treatments, if any, did the subject receive?

6.How do you believe his/her history suggests a cause for the disorder? How do you link the pieces of the history to the specific symptoms of the disorder? Here you will have to think hard and be creativejust like a clinical psychologist!

7.If you were treating this subject, what form of clinical intervention/therapeutic technique would you recommend or suggest from the ones studied in this class? Why? Be specific here too (Dont just say, I think counseling would be good because it helps with depression).

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