Bioloxi Blues Sgt. Toomey Assignment

| September 23, 2015

Bioloxi Blues Sgt. Toomey Assignment

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Compare the differences in the way the character of Sgt. Toomey is presented in the play and in the movie. Here are some thoughts to consider when writing your paper:

• How do the edits of Toomey’s speeches as they appear in the screenplay affect the way the character is drawn in the movie?

• Does the original, unedited dialogue in the play script give you a different visual image of Toomey?

• How are differences in the Toomey character exemplified through the actor, Christopher Walken, and his interpretation of the character? For example, does the Toomey character appear more or less intelligent, etc. than the character as defined in the play script? Be specific using examples.

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