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| January 27, 2015

i have attached the assigments please read it carfully because last time no one read the atachment and i end upgeting a bad mark in one page there should b more than one refrance at least 5 and it should be mantioned

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4/04/20131 BIO001– Introduction to Biology Assignment Instructions Assignment Instructions Write an essay on your chosen topic The essay should be no more than 1000 words and must be original Due Date: Geelong students 13th May 2013 Burwood students 15th May 2013 *To be handed in during class and submitted to the portal Essay Topics • Your Essay will explore the effect of an introduced/exotic species on Australian Ecosystems • You need to pick one of the species below as your essay topic – Cane Toads (Buffo marinus) – Rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculas) – Prickly Pear (Opuntia spp.) Assignment Instructions Your essay should include the following topics: • Why was this species introduced to Australia? • When was this species introduced and at which location? • What is the current distribution of this species? (Included a Map) • How has the introduction of this species effected native plants and animals? How has it effected Australian Ecosystems • What management options are available to eradicate or control populations of this introduced species? Why was this species introduced to Australia? • What was the purpose of introducing this species? – Was it to control another species (Biological control)? – For sport (hunting)? – Was it accidental? When was this species introduced and at which location? • Include the scienfic name of the species (don’t forget to put it in Italics, Genus name has a capital, species name does not) • What year was this species introduced? You may even be able to find out who introduced the species. • Which location in Australia was the species first introduced to? 4/04/20132 What is the current distribution of this species? (Included a Map) • Where do you currently find this species in Australia? • Has the distribution changed since its introduction to Australia? • Maps -When you include maps make sure you include – Border – North Arrow – Legend/Key – Descriptive Title – Scale – Source (reference where you got the map or information from) How…


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single spaced 2 page essay on anthropology
on attactment PAGE 9; QUESTION 3. 2000words dont worry about other

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