BIOL 327 Los Angeles Pierce College Ecology and People Worksheet Need a bio report that includes a power point so i could incorporate my voice. It’s meant

BIOL 327 Los Angeles Pierce College Ecology and People Worksheet Need a bio report that includes a power point so i could incorporate my voice. It’s meant to be a narrated powerpoint slideshow. All necessary instructions are in the attachments. Thankx in advance BIOL327 Ecology and People
Kübler 2020
Alternative Assignment, Replacing Community Service Hours for Ecology and
People: Investigation, Reflection and Presentation
What our communities need has changed since Spring Break. We stopped working with
community partner organizations in the usual way to devote ourselves to a more urgent
community need. That is, the need to slow the spread of the covid-19 epidemic. This is a huge
act of community engagement and service, driven by understanding of ecology. In this case, the
ecology of how diseases spread and how people interact.
Ecology is the scientific study of homes and habitats.
Suddenly, we are more aware of what comes into and leaves our homes and we are interacting
with increased deliberation. We hear reports of changes in the ecosystem like clearer air in Los
Angeles and wild animal sightings in towns. It is a good time for a deep exploration of your
home on multiple scales.
Part 1: Investigation
Consider your personal home territory or habitat on 3 spatial scales:
1) Your dwelling space, room, apartment or family home
2) Your neighborhood, building, block or development
3) Your town or city
For each of those scales, there is a network of ecological interactions between people and with
the rest of the ecosystem. In this course, you have already learned that we are connected to
the whole global biosphere through our supply chains and actions. For this assignment, focus
on those local community scales, above. Make a careful study of the ecology of your home.
Answer these questions for each scale:
1) Shelter. What are you sheltered from in this habitat? What are you not sheltered
2) Energy. How is food supplied at this scale of your habitat? Where does it come from
and how do you get it?
3) Natural Community. Who or what else lives here? What animals, plants, trees,
microbes etc. are in this habitat with you? How do you interact with them? How are
their needs supplied?
4) Communication. How are you communicating at this scale? How are you getting
information from other people and other living things?
5) Anything else that you notice about your ecosystem?
Document the ecosystem that you are in now.
You can use Table 1 to help organize your information:
BIOL327 Ecology and People
Kübler 2020
Table 1
How are you
How do you keep
supplied with food
for energy?
Who and what
shares this habitat
with you?
How do you
communicate at this
What else do you
notice about your
habitat at this scale?
BIOL327 Ecology and People
Kübler 2020
Part 2: Active Participant in the System
Now that you have taken a good look at your ecosystem, remember that you are an active
participant in the ecosystem. You make choices that affect the way things work in your habitat.
While no one has control of the whole ecosystem, you have effects in it. Spend some time
thinking about how you would like your ecosystem to be in the future. Answer these questions:
1) How would you most like your ecosystem is be five or ten years in the future?
2) What can you do to move it in that direction?
Part 3: Communicating the Results
Make a video, Prezi, or narrated powerpoint slideshow that answers the questions
characterizing your local habitat on different scales and tells how your actions in the ecosystem
of your community can lead toward it being more like the ecosystem that you most want to live
in. The presentation must be between 1 and 3 minutes long.
Turn in a link to your presentation. You can store your presentation anywhere you like
including YouTube or CSUNbox etc. It must be accessible through Canvas. Do not turn in the
pages of this assignment, summarize your findings in your presentation.

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