Biographical Goal – Graduate

| November 14, 2015

Biographical Goal – Graduate
Requirements for the statement of purpose
Self-assessment of potential for graduate study and advanced practice specialization. Clearly stated goals for advanced practice. Multi-cultural experiences/bilingual ability. If appropriate, evidence of economic, educational and social disadvantagement. Please provide a written statement that includes your own assessment of your potential for graduate study and advanced practice specialization.Your reason for selecting the UCLA School of Nursing
The biological goal must be clear, concise and demonstrate a logical development of ideas with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
For more about the school go to It is one of the top schools on U.S. News and World Reports-Nursing Graduate Schools, (It would mean a lot to me to be part of it and gain my education from this school)
About me:
I am Registered Nurse with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing since 2012, I have been working at the hospital settings since then, I am currently applying for my Master of Science in Nursing with my specialty in Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.
My area of clinical interest is (acute care nurse practitioner in a hospital setting). This is your opportunity to include additional information relevant to the criteria for admission. My goal is to be able to provide high quality care and counseling to my patients, to be able to make a change in the health care. Bilingual abilities: Speak Armenian and Russian.
For multicultural experiences (please feel free to add any) the majority of patients I work with are Hispanic.
Acute care nurse practitioners spend most of their time in direct patient care activities to manage health problems that require secondary or tertiary interventions by health care providers. Often those interventions are of a nature that readier hospitalization or care by specialists in a particular field. Nurse Practitioners work collaboratively with physicians and other health care providers, they provide direct primary patient care, and nurse practitioners have the authority to prescribe medications. Please feel free to add any additional information or experiences about me.
They want me to emphasize on my goals and how I will utilize my degree and make changes in my field at the hospital.

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Principle of Reseach &Evidence Based Practice
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