Bioethics Essay

| June 19, 2015

Bioethics Essay
This essay will count as part of your final exam grade (worth a total of 30 percent), and the final draft is due no later than Monday, week 12, at 6:00 PM. The essay must be submitted electronically through save-assign (instructions will be provided for this).
The instructions for the essay are as follows:
First, access this feature on Blackboard: “Opposing Viewpoints in Context.” You can find this with instructions provided by Matthew Regan, our librarian liason:
1. Log in to Blackboard
2. Click the Library tab
3. Select “Databases” on the bottom left side of the page
4. Scroll through Databases A-Z list
5. Find Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Second, surf through the different headings to find articles relevant to bioethics (abortion, genetic engineering, stem cells…etc.).

Third, choose one of these articles which is in opposition to your own perspective. For instance, if you have always been in favor of abortion, choose the article which argues against it, or which argues for severe limitations on the practice.

Fourth, summarize the major points made by the author (in your own words, do not plagiarize! Note: Every time you directly quote the author, or take information from the article, cite him or her, along with the page number in a footnote).

Fifth, if you still disagree with the author, states your arguments against him or her. In addition, point out the bias you find in the author’s arguments (their background assumptions which you disagree with).
On the other hand, if you end up agreeing with the author’s perspective, point out the bias of your own position prior to reading the article. List the author’s arguments that you find the most persuasive, and explain why you find them so effective.



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