| March 16, 2014

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Order Details
Bibliography that includes:
*A cover page:
-topic ((which is “Body image”))
-research question ((which is “what is the impact of the middle east cosmopolitan magazine on young Emirati females?))
-my name (( Hamda Al Hosani ))
-Student ID (( 200918918 ))
-the date (( 13-3-2014 ))
*Each citation should have:
-title of the work
-the year the work was published
*The bibliography should contain a total of 20 articles about the topic:
-10 scholarly journal articles
-5 books
-5 non-academic works (for example: blogs encyclopedias, social media, news paper articles.. etc..)
The 10 scholarly journal articles and the 5 books Must be from the Zayed university online library.
The steps to get to the online library: > student login > extranet (under student essentials)
to log in to the library use the following ID and password,
ID: u2918918
Password: zayed8
i couldn’t paste a direct link to the library.. sorry.
more info. :
-i’m from the United Arab Emirates – gulf – middle east
-the magazine should be cosmopolitan but specifically the one that is distributed in the middle east.
-basically all i need is a list of 20 references
-please contact me if you need further clarifications
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