Biblical archaeology proof

| July 9, 2016

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Discussion Board Forum 3 Topic: Assumptions and Evidence for Recent Fossil Finds Question/Prompt: Look up and read an online news article on a recent fossil find. Include a reference for your article in your thread. How much evidence is there to support the conclusions about the recent fossil find in this article? Identify the specific lack of evidence, or the related evidence used, to support the article’s conclusions about the fossil find. How much speculation is there regarding the fossil find? Identify specific speculations in the article you read, and explain why each is a speculation. If it is based on assumptions or presuppositions, identify them. Reply Prompt: For each reply, identify at least 1 strength and 1 weakness in your classmate’s reasoning. All discussion must be professional and concise. No vulgar, sexist, racist, biased, or other objectionable language will be tolerated. Valid criticism must be expressed in the form of thoughtful alternatives.

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