Best Tutorial

Question 1.Which of the following is NOT a mechanism to protect a firm’s sustained competitive advantage (SCA)?

  •          The industry structure
  •   Peculiar configurations of resources, capabilities, and competencies
  •   Continuous positioning and repositioning
  •   All of the above are protection mechanisms

Question 2.Changes in the rules of the “game” of strategy occur not only because of variations in the legal and ethical climate, but also because of changes in technology and __________.

  •           competition
  •   economics
  •   laws
  •   ergonomics

Question 3.A strategic inflection point may arise from

  •   new technologies
  •   transformations in competitor values and preferences
  •   constant regulatory conditions
  •   all of the above

Question 4.To make winning moves, managers must find _______ and ______ that meet customer demands.

  •           sales, products
  •   business models, products
  •   profitable patterns, business models
  •   business models, sales

Question 5.What a company currently is best at is incorporated into its _____________.

  •   vision
  •   mission
  •   goals
  •   objectives

Question 6.To achieve sustained competitive advantage, a manager must

  •   Lower prices
  •   Locate in another territory
  •   Meet customer demands
  •   Have presence on the Internet

Question 7.______________ is the evolution of a general idea through continually changing circumstances.

  •   Vision
  •   Mission
  •   Strategy
  •   Objective

Question 8.The goal of strategic management is

  •   sustained customer advantage
  •   sustained comparative advantage
  •   sustained competitive advantage
  •   sustained collaborative advantage

Question 9.EVA means

  •          Every value available
  •   Enhanced value added
  •   Economic value advantage
  •   Economic value added

Question 10._____________ strategies differ from _______________ ones.

  •   Original, adapted
  •   Original, realized
  •   Realized, intended
  •   Intended, original