Benchmark progress towards sustainability

| March 6, 2014

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Benchmark progress towards sustainability
Using Hart’s (1997) sustainability framework, choose two competitors in an industry of your choice. Evaluate their strategies as they pertain to the issues of sustainability. Using his notion of the sustainability portfolio how well are they doing? Is there is someone in the industry who is the recognized leader? What are the doing that make them better?
Strategies for sustainability:
•Stage 1: Pollution prevention
• Stage 2: Product stewardship, cradle to grave design
• Stage 3: Clean technology
• Stage 4: Existential authenticity, are our actions consistent with our desires for future and espoused values
Ways forward (Reinhardt, 1999)
• Manage competitors (create ‘regulations’ – chemical companies)
• Savings cost (Hotels and cleaning)
• Managing environmental risk (forestry)
• Redefining markets (Xerox from photocopier to managing
documents – control process)
• What are some examples of this?
Things to avoid:
• Think of it as a ‘social responsibility issue’
• Pessimistic attitude
• Government and environmental groups are
• Put business interests over research
• Status quo is an option
• Avoiding dissenting opinions
An excellent paper:
• Well researched
• Understand and use framework correctly
• Appropriate comparison
• Quality of discussion
• Well written
• Aware of best practices
• Cites appropriate course material
• Smile factor
• Overall impression
• Critical when appropriate
Note: Use as much Sources as you need for doing this paper.
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