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| February 3, 2015

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Discussion of the evaluation tool – you should consider how you will evaluate these companies based on the evidence you have collected. What are the relevant international agreements that need to be considered? These references should be included in the notes section below the evaluation tool. You also need to explain how your scoring will work and what appropriate benchmarks are – what does a company have to do to achieve 100 per cent?
This will be an opportunity to test how well the methodology and tool work to evaluate companies that operate in different sectors – with different challenges.
The tool/method chosen must form part of the appendices of the report. You will use this tool/method
•Justification of your choice of tool/method referring to relevant theory and practice
•Summary and comparative analysis of the two organisations
•Discussion of limitations of the tool/method you have chosen
The three major governance issues that must be reported include;
Codes of conduct, tax disclosure and cooperate citizenship
The Suggested Indicators that must me reported include:
Awareness: Does the company demonstrate general awareness of key issues relating to that theme and does it conduct projects to understand and address these key issues?
Knowledge: Does the company demonstrate it measures, assesses and reports key issues and facts specifically in its supply chains that relate to that theme?
Commitments: Does the company commit to addressing the key issues relating to that theme in its supply chains?
Supply chain management: Does the company require its suppliers to meet relevant standards related to that theme?
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