Being Mortal”

| September 28, 2015

Please view the film, “Being Mortal”, in view of the prompt below. Being Mortal is a documentary reported by Dr. Atul Gawande, surgeon and author of the recent book of the same title. (And three or four other books, all great, highly recommended. And the related article that you read this week.)
Here’s the prompt:
In the film Being Mortal, Gawande recounts the progress of a handful of patients, including his own father, who must confront the progression of their terminal illnesses. These patients and their loved ones face difficult decisions about treatment goals and priorities, as they are forced to recognize the fact that they are dying, and they attempt difficult conversations, to varying degrees of success, about that fact.
1) What do you think is the main message of this film, as a critique of our attitude to being mortal, and a critique of how we treat the dying? Please support your answer by reference to specific details, statements, episodes, and patients: Bill Brooks, Norma Babineau, Jeff Shields, and the elder Dr. Gawande.
2) What’s your overall view of this story in light of the fundamental principal of ethics?
Here is the link to watch the film “Being Mortal”
• Please use mainly the movie and handbook (chapter 6) provided and other articles to support your points. Here’s the full access to the textbook (if you need for references) but chapter 6 will suffice.

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Being Mortal”
Being Mortal”


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