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| July 7, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

You are a newspaper reporter for the Daily World and your editor has called you into her office. She has an assignment for you.


It seems you will be interviewing the leader of one of the great civilizations (you can choose any civilization or culture that we cover in class). Somehow the Minister of Tourism has convinced this leader that doing an interview with the Daily World would be a good PR move and help promote tourism. The leader does not typically do interviews and is expecting a “puff piece”. But you have other plans. This could be your big break and Pulitzer moment…


Ask that leader some questions — for example, what is unique about your civilization? What are the challenges? What are the people's hopes for the future? What do you think will happen in the end with this civilization?


You might want to start off slowly by asking the leader to offer up a general description of his/her civilization or culture that might be attractive to a potential tourist… and then slam him/her with some hard ball questions that force an uncomfortable answer. The choice is yours.


The paper can be written in a Q & A style or be something with more of a narrative feel. Make sure to double check and cite your sources (online scholarly journals, class learning resources, or UMUC library material). This leader is known for not always telling it like it is so we need to make sure we have all the facts straight. Above all, make sure you enrich the interview with details and examples that bring the civilization or culture to life for your readership. Your editor is counting on you to help increase advertising sales that have been declining for the last two quarters.

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