BEHS discussion- domestic abuse

| November 16, 2015

Domestic violence shelters remain one of the key intervention services available to survivors and their children. One interesting point about shelters that many do not realize is that most dv shelters house more children than adults.


In this discussion topic you’ll have an opportunity to take a virtual tour of a domestic violence shelter. As you move through the tour please be aware that while this shelter may be representative of some domestic violence shelters, every shelter is somewhat different. For example, not all domestic violence programs offer transitional (or supportive) housing in conjunction with their emergency shelter. Shelters also have different policies regarding length of stay, being in contact with the abuser, whom they serve and the confidentiality of their location.


For the purposes of this discussion topic please complete the following:

1.  Click on this link to access Safe Horizon’s Virtual Shelter Tour:

2. After completing the tour please respond to the following questions:

a) We know that where there is intimate partner violence there is often child abuse.  Identify a type of child abuse and describe the effects of this type of violence on children.

b) How might living in a shelter be challenging for children?

c) What might be some of the effects of abuse on older adults?

d) How might living in a shelter be challenging for older survivors?

e) How do you think advocates/shelter workers can help make living in a domestic violence shelter a more positive experience for older survivors  and children?

3. Please use proper in-text citations and references.

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