Behavioural Economics

| January 6, 2015

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With critical analysis outline the extent to which European legislation has had a positive influence on the river basins and coastal estuarine water in the North West of England in terms of improving water quality and ecological diversity.
Marks will be awarded under the general marking framework provided below but individuality will also be looked at and marked accordingly. A generalised marking scheme is shown below though you can deviate from this if you wish.
• Introduction (10%)
• River Basin Management Plan analysis (20%)
• Legislations identified (10%)
• Crtitique of the role legislation has played both positive and negative (30%)
• The future both legislative and physical (10%)
• Conclusions with appropriate overview. (20%)
Your report is to be submitted through the Blackboard report submission facility, by 15th January 2015.
Your report should not exceed 5000 words.
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What are the principal institutions of the European Union? To what extent do these institutions engage with the sources of EU law?

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