Beger and Callero

| May 20, 2015

After reading books Paper Callero “The Myth of Individualism” and Peter Berger” invitation to sociology”. This paper should be presented as an interview /conversation between you and peter Callero and Peter Berger pretend you are a documentary film maker-or a journalist, or a college student-and you have gotten Callero and Berger together for a cup of coffee(or television talk show) the goal is to hear their views on sociology and to lay out its main insights.You want to ask them what they think sociology is all about, what its main themes are, what its most interesting arguments are, what its main areas of study are, how sociology looks at the world,etc.In this conversation, you want to them to talk to you-but also to each other, discussing their similarities and differences, agreements and divergences. It is very important that your paper is well-steeped in two assigned books-and all of you illustrations ,references, citations, quotes, etc. should come from them alone.



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The Law of Obligations
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